Achieve Overall Wellness

As an integral part of the kinected center, we often bridge our Physical Therapy treatments with Pilates sessions. This offers our patients a long term, structured way to build strength, function, and overall wellness as they move on from acute injuries.

To ensure a smooth transition from PT to wellness, we connect with your Pilates instructor in advance, let them know about our PT history, and any precautions that they might need to take. This ensures that your long term wellness and strengthening program minimizes the risk of injury or complication. As a highly certified professional, your Pilates instructor will be able to compliment our PT work easily.

Kane School for Core Integration

KFMT and Kinected Pilates have always placed a strong emphasis on learning for both patients and professionals. Integrated within the kinected center is the Kane School for Core Integration, a primary training center for individuals in New York City looking to become certified Pilates Instructors.

How It Works

Sustainable growth begins with a solid foundation. All sessions begin with a comprehensive assessment to learn about your body, the work it needs, and the goals you want to achieve


Our toolkit includes Pilates, Functional Manual Therapy, GYROTONIC®, MELT Method + more. Each modality is beneficial + every body is different. We custom tailor the right mix for you.


Body progress is infinite. As you progress, so will your needs and goals. We reassess and adapt our work regularly to meet your evolving body.

Get Started

Progress takes commitment. We recommend scheduling two sessions per week. Jump in with intro packages designed to benefit your body and budget:

  • Intro Solo 10 (Body IQ + 9 Private Sessions)
  • Intro Groupie 10 (Body IQ + 5 Equipment + 4 Mat Classes) 

Pilates, Gyrotonic, MELT, and more!

One-on-ones, group classes, and custom-tailored therapy programs to help you move wisely and feel brilliant. Appointments are available 7 days a week!