New York's Exceptional Physical Therapy

Not Your Average Physical Therapists

Our team of expertly qualified Physical Therapists practice Functional Manual Therapy. Our whole-body, 1-on-1 treatment method uses manual techniques to reduce pain, optimize movement, and resolve the root cause of your issues.

Only about 0.2% of Physical Therapists have met the rigorous qualifications needed to be certified in Functional Manual Therapy. We have 5 of them here at KFMT.

We treat unusual and chronic conditions every day.

Expert 1-on-1 Care

These features come standard when you book an appointment:

1-on-1 focus from the Physical Therapist

60-minute sessions

Whole-body diagnosis and treatment

Detailed recovery plans

State-of-the-art techniques and exercises

We Treat Everything & Everyone

Our guiding principle is that you can move, live, heal, and perform better with dedicated attention and hands-on treatment. As part of our philosophy, we have expertise treating any body region and any condition you may have. We respect all patient values and do the best to meet your needs regardless of background or socioeconomic status.

We believe in the power of personalized attention, and spend every 60-minute session listening to your needs, and using our highly specialized skills to restore your body’s potential.

We provide training, exercises, educational resources and insight to your body’s mechanics to help you heal faster, and move through the world better. When needed, we work with a network of experts in the medical and wellness community to make sure you are cared for comprehensively.

Individualized Attention

Our physical therapists dedicate themselves to providing tailored and personalized care, ensuring individualized attention for each patient's unique needs.

Specialized Care

Our skilled hands at KFMT are dedicated to healing and providing expert care, helping you move better and improve overall well-being.

Whole Body Treatment

We emphasize whole body treatment, addressing not just symptoms but also focusing on holistic care to promote overall wellness and healing.

Our Journey
How it started

After spending his early career frustrated by inconsistent success and the limitations of traditional Physical Therapy approaches, KFMT founder, Elliot Fishbein, dedicated himself to the goal of providing elite level care to every patient who walks in the door, no matter what the diagnosis or condition.

Our Functional Manual Therapy approach

To help meet this goal, he began taking courses in Functional Manual Therapy® (FMT) approach, which integrates manual therapy, exercise, and body awareness training, and specializes in whole body care. Over the next 10+ years of integrative study he became one of only 30 therapists in the country to have completed fellowship level training in this area.

Our clinic and expert team

Since then, his practice has expanded to a team of 5 Certified Functional Manual Therapists, and one Craniosacral Therapist, all who all strive to provide world class care and provide help for many conditions that are often difficult to solve with more traditional approaches. The practice is constantly evolving in their mission to provide world-class patient-centered care to those in need.

Complementary care

In addition, KFMT integrates and works with the Pilates staff at the Kinected Center as well as a diverse group of health and wellness practitioners. Together they provide educational events and complementary care before, during, and after Physical Therapy.