Flexible Pricing at KFMT

Our full rate for a Physical Therapy Session is currently $300. We hope that you will pay this rate if you have the means to, or if you have insurance that will reimburse a reasonable amount of the session. However, we strive to provide world class treatment to everybody who walks in the door, and don’t want financial concerns to be a barrier to your treatment.

Having an injury or loss of ability can be stressful, and we don’t want to add to that stress with financial worry. To help with these concerns we offer flexible (flex) rates for those with financial need. To obtain a flexible rate for treatment, you would do the following:

  • Come in for your initial session so your PT can do your evaluation and determine how many sessions you’ll need to be seen for. This is necessary as what you can afford may be affected by the estimated amount of treatment sessions needed for your condition.
  • You let your PT or our front desk staff know you are interested in applying for a flex rate. We will then send you an application form to fill out to determine if you’re eligibility for flex rates and at what level.
  • Once we determine the rate you are eligible for, you will be charged that amount for your sessions at KFMT.

More details are available here if you have further questions.

Our Rates

$300 | Standard Rate

By paying the STANDARD RATE, you cover the true cost of our services. Thanks to you, we receive a fair income and can support our families. You enable us to invest in our business and professional growth to bring the best possible care to every patient. You also help support those would not receive care without a lower rate.

$275, $250, $225 | Upper Rates

By paying the UPPER RATES, you allow us to cover some of our operational costs while investing in the professional growth of our Physical Therapists.

$200, $175, $150 | Lower Rates

When you pay the LOWER RATES, you help us to maintain our professional licenses. A few of the operational costs of running a PT clinic are covered.

$125, $100 | Deeply Discounted Rates

When you pay the DEEPLY DISCOUNTED RATES, you’re allowing your community to collectively come together and support you with the care you need and deserve.

Below $100

Rates below $100 are available as we look to support all patients regardless of financial situation.

If your personal financial circumstances change, you may apply to adjust your rate at any time.